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Living on the Beach in Panama City

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a haven for tourists and visitors. With sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, Panama City Beach is truly synonymous with lavish and elegant living. No true is this than when it comes to waterfront homes Panama City Beach, which range from the 200s to well over a million.  Considering that there are many homes available between the $150,00 and $200,000 price range, Panama City Beach can be considered for first time home buyers.  With millennials driving up the prices for some of the higher end, waterfront condos, the more affordable housing is just off of the beach. 

These luxurious waterfront homes and condos offer instant access to the beach and all nautical and aquatic activities. This includes swimming, jet skiing

and snorkeling, along with boating and charter fishing. Beachfront properties Panama City Beach are among some of the finest seaport venues in Florida. There are many perks of PCB condos including:


  • Wi-FI, smart appliances, lavish décor, and luxurious interiors – partial or full furnishings available.
  • Fitness centers onsite – Jacuzzi, pool, massage and spa treatments, concierge services, business center, entertainment centers, and much more.
  • A wide array of high-rise condos, penthouses, and/or luxurious shoreline and beachfront homes and properties.
  • Spacious bedrooms, formal dining rooms, formal living rooms, dens, media rooms, cozy fireplaces, patios, decks, terraces and hardwood flooring.
  • Instant access to Panama City Beach and all local attractions and points of interest.
  • Instant access to the Boardwalk, Seaport, Harbor Bay, and all local restaurants, clubs, and fine dining establishments.
  • Beachfront properties Panama City Beach are close to travel hubs, shopping, retail, schools, business districts – and great homes to raise families in.


The Magic of Panama City Beach


There is so much to see and do in Panama City Beach. Many people are deciding to sell their home in the suburbs and buy a waterfront condo in PCB.  This includes nightly cabana parties with complimentary beverages and snacks. The Panama City Beach area is also home to St. Andrews State Park, which is known for its breathtaking scenery and picturesque backdrops. With cool sea breezes and swimming activities, the Park is the perfect place to spend quality time with loved ones and friends.

They also offer charter boating and fishing trips, along with camping for all family members, friends and Scout troops. There is also Gulf World Marine Park, which features a tropical garden and plenty of sea -life attractions. If you love water sports and nautical-aquatic activities, Panama City Beach is truly the pace to be.


The Real Estate Market of Panama City Beach


View of Panama City Beach Condos

View of Panama City Beach Condos


All of this brings us to the fact that Panama City Beach is and has been a great real estate market.  Notwithstanding the obvious demand behind the waterfront homes and the vacation destination — Panama City Beach has actually benefited from hurricanes over the past decade.  We cant say that too loud, as if you ask a resident of PCB – they would NEVER say that the hurricanes have had a positive effect; and it could even be considered rude to say so.

The truth is…when an area gets decimated by a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, there  is a huge influx of insurance money that comes into the area.  This money turns older homes into brand new homes.  It results in all remodeled restaurants, stores and even fast food restaurants.  Although we don’t want to sound as if we don’t have compassion for the devastation from a hurricane, the massive amount of insurance money has ultimately helped the Panama City Beach real estate market.

Panama City Beach Waterfront Properties


View of Panama City Beach

View of Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach has several waterfront – shoreline -seaport properties for sale. You simply need to contact a local Panama City Beach real-estate agent to schedule virtual or physical walk-throughs and tours. Local Panama City Beach real estate agents have the tools and expertise to connect you with the best shoreline properties in your budget. 

Although there are all property types in Panama City Beach  including high-rise apartments and condos, along with mid-rise venues and beachfront homes — for many, condos are the best choice for buying a home in PCB. They even showcase a range of beach -homes on stilts, which are literally seconds from the sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Panama City Beach.  It is important to choose the right agent as many have different specialties. 

As always, you can check the Web to compare local home buying prices and rates. You can also see which properties are on short-sales, as well as which homes have lied dormant for awhile. This allows you to determine which home or apartment is just right for and your loved ones – while meeting your budget and price.


Panama City Beach is a GREAT place to visit and to live.  With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, many beachfront condos to choose from, a strong real estate market and booming economy – If you are looking for living the beach life, its hard to pass up.

Welcome to Panama City Beach

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