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How to plan and what to know about them


An estate sale or tag sale does not necessarily take place upon the death of a person as most people think. The term refers to the process of liquidating an estates or family’s belongings. It is similar to a yard or garage sale but on a larger scale. An estate sale usually takes place due to various reasons including divorce, downsizing, bankruptcy, moving or death.


How to plan an estate sale


Having an estate sale is a laborious process especially if you decide to do it by yourself instead of hiring a liquidator. All in all, you will still need to plan and prepare thoroughly to ensure that you make the most of the sale. Here are the ways that you can plan effectively for an estate sale


Preparation Time and sale date


The first thing that you will need to do is set aside adequate time to prepare because it will take you quite some time to plan. You can set aside at least a month or as much time as you will require to get ready. You should account for the availability of volunteers or workers who you will need because it will be difficult to run the sale alone.

You should ensure that you accommodate their schedules. When it comes to setting the sale date, you should do it carefully. Most estate sales usually take place over a period of three days try selecting the dates that do not coincide with major ceremonies to ensure that you attract as many people as possible to the occasion. Also, consider the weather when setting the date because rain can affect the number of people who will come to the event.


Sort the merchandise


estate sales in wilmingtonSorting the merchandise that you intend to sell can take up a lot of time. Nevertheless, this stage of the process is essential and should be allocated enough time. You need to go through the whole house including the drawers, closet, attic, basement, storage room and cupboards and choose the items that you will sell and the ones that you won’t be selling.

If the reason for holding the estate sale is due to death of a loved one, you may want to look for medical reports, private letters and financial documents and keep them separate from the merchandise that you intend to sell.  Make sure before having random people entering the home that the proper homeowners insurance is in place. Family memorabilia and photographs should also be set aside. Try not to hold on to too many good which you do not need unless you need them to aid your grieving process and you can dispose of them later.


Repair and clean


Most of the merchandise that you will want to sell can be sold just as they are, however, others might require fixing and cleaning. Improving the state of the items can make them worth some money instead of being thrown away hence it is definitely worth the effort.


Price the merchandise


This is another crucial stage that you must undertake with the seriousness it deserves. The best way to ensure that you price things right is by doing research beforehand. You may also consider hiring an appraiser to help you price valuable collectibles and antiques because you might not be able to determine their real value easily.

If possible, such items should be sold at an auction to get the best price for them. For other items which might be vintage, new, antique or barely used, you need to research their prices at the price guides, library or even online subscriptions. You can also check sites like Ruby Lane, eBay, homes.com or 1st Dibs to see what people are paying for such items.

Tips for Organizing the Estate Sale



You will need to do intensive marketing to get the word out there and ensure that many people will show up for the estate sale. Some of the advertising channels at your disposal include craigslist, newspaper, social media (Facebook), and special real estate sale sites such as EstateSales.org and EstateSales.net. Take good pictures of the merchandise so that they can be displayed on craigslist and newspaper ads.


Display the merchandise


Display the merchandise in an organized manner. Display kitchen ware in the kitchen and beddings on top of the bed. Items should be displayed in the rooms where they are used if it is possible. Small merchandise such as jewelry should be displayed near the checkout tables for security purposes.


Consider security


During a sale, security should be a priority. Consider hiring security professionals or get volunteers to help you to keep watch on the items to avoid theft.


Ensure there is easy movement and viewing


Display items at the center or along the perimeter of every room. Also make sure not to place too many items on a table. This will create order in the sale venue and ensure that the process goes smoothly.




Plan what to do with the leftovers. The key is to ensure that you do not throw away anything because it might be important to another person. One of the ways you can deal with the leftovers is to donate them to people who might need them.


How to find estate sales in Wilmington NC


If you live in Wilmington NC and you want to find out if there are any estate sales in your locality, you can do so by reading the newspapers, researching online especially on craigslist under the estate sales category and other online sites.


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